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What If Exercise Could Improve Your Quality Of Life?

Let us show you how.

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Our Method

Release & Lengthen

Each session begins with releasing tight muscles and performing specific stretches to properly warm-up the body. By melting away excess tension, you'll improve posture and perfect alignment, making sculpting exercises even more effective.

Sculpt & Strengthen

Our method blends weight training, core, and cardio; AKA toning muscles while burning fat. Our exercises will make it easier for you to walk upstairs, carry your groceries, maintain your posture, and even reduce soreness after your next outdoor adventure. Basically, you'll be able to move with style and poise through whatever life brings you.

Positive Motivation

We believe in living each day with a strong work ethic, empathy, and kindness. We hold you accountable to bring your best effort every rep, accompanied by positivity and encouragement. Ditch the workouts that leave you feeling rundown and burnt-out- You'll always finish your sessions with us feeling strong, supported, and empowered.


At Your Door

Why spend more time commuting than you have to? We simplify your schedule by bringing every workout, and the gear, straight to your home. 

A Note From Amanda

At the end of the day, I want you to be able to live a bold, adventurous life. To be able to take risks and get in on the action. Relish with gratitude at the breathtaking view at the peak of your hike. Explore a new city on foot without feeling shame for being out of breath. Play with your children and grandchildren without fear of getting hurt. Fatigue and stiffness shouldn't hold you back from enjoying what life has to offer, and exercise can help make this a reality. It’s not just about burning calories; when we exercise with a trusted coach, it doesn’t leave us exhausted- it leaves us energized, strong, independent, and excited to soak up each moment.

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Free Connection Call

Curious about what it's like to work with us? Meet with Amanda virtually or via phone to get to know us and learn how we can help you transform your body.

Take The First Step

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Fitness & Movement Coaching Session

Love working out on you own, but not sure if you're doing the moves right? Stuck in a rut and not seeing results from your own workouts? Suffering from lower back pain after physical activity or a long day at your desk?  Schedule an in-person meeting with Amanda to get answers to your questions, learn how to increase the effectiveness of your fitness routine or tips for ditching lower back pain. 

PT First Step

Have A Question?

Ask Us! We'd love to help.

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