Imagine the Freedom of a Strong, Flexible Body.

Cultivate the Life of Your Dreams

Discover Joy Along the Way

Waking up each morning feeling energized, confident and excited to take on your day. Gliding through every meeting, every outing, and every workout with ease. You're able to do all the things you want to do in life without everyday pain or stiffness ever holding you back. How does this become your reality?
The secret is finding fitness experiences you actually enjoy. 

You don't have to try every program out there.

It's all about safe, effective, smile-inducing movement. I'll get to know the movements & music you love, so you'll stay consistent and motivated through every hurdle.

It doesn't take a drill sergeant demanding more than you can truly handle.

Burnout and injury are the two most common causes of people quitting exercise. You need a compassionate trainer who will meet you where you're at, listen to your concerns, and guide you on the smart track to the life of your dreams. 

Have the support of a Community.

Being a part of something bigger than ourselves gives our life purpose and meaning. With a trusted, supportive trainer, we'll take your journey beyond the physical gains of exercise, cultivating mental and emotional benefits that flow into your daily life. 


Better Together

Feel the magic of movement in a high-energy, team-oriented environment.


For driven, goal-oriented individuals with a vision for their future self.

Hi there, I'm Amanda. 

I'm a real person, just like you, who wants to feel good about myself and great when I'm moving my body. 

To me, being "fit" is not an appearance
, it's feeling that your body is capable of doing anything. It's being strong and flexible so that everyday movements can be done with ease. It's being able to move quickly when you need to, and slow when you want to. It's the ability to balance on one leg, jump, and maybe even take some weight into your hands. The possibilities are endless, and with our dedicated practice, we can realize them together.


We're Always Stronger Together

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