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4-Week Plan
Client-Trainer Agreement

This agreement is made on August 25th, 2023 and made between Amanda Boike/Beyond Human LLC, "the Trainer", and Annie Maroko, “the Client”. The purpose of this document is to define Trainer and Client expectations and is effective for the duration of the working relationship between the Trainer and the Client.

The 4-Week Plan includes:

  • 4 personal training sessions

  • Written fitness programming for the month with personalized, progressive training programs

  • End-of-the-month check-in at session #4 to discuss the previous month’s progress and clarify the focus for the next month. 

  • Access to Amanda for answers to your questions, support & motivation

Personal Training Sessions:
The plan includes 4 personal training sessions that can be scheduled anytime between Friday, September 1st, 2023, and Friday, September 29th, 2023. Sessions may be completed in person at the Client’s chosen location (73 E Lake St.) or virtually via Zoom. We recommend keeping a consistent date and time each week and scheduling in advance to ensure your ideal times are available.

Written Plan
The written plan includes custom workouts designed for the Client to complete on their own throughout the 4-weeks. This will be sent to the client via email and the document will be modified as needed based on Client progress and feedback. We highly recommend using the calendar provided and/or adding designated workout times to your own calendar for added accountability (and maximized progress!)

Cancellation Policy
We understand that life happens, and we maintain a cancelation policy that allows as much flexibility as possible. Email confirmations are sent out at the time of booking, and reminders are emailed 24 hours before the session start time.  To cancel a booked session, the Client must notify the Trainer either in person or by phone, text or email. In the event of cancellation by the Trainer, the Trainer is responsible for notifying the Client of any such cancellation.

• By Client on more than 2 hour notice - no charge/loss of session.

• By Client on less than 2 hour notice - loss of session.

• By the Trainer - no charge/no loss of session.

The Client is expected to communicate late arrival to the session as soon as possible. Arrival more than 20 minutes past the session start time may result in loss of the session. 

In the event the Trainer is more than 10 minutes late on arrival to the session, the Client can have the remaining time of the session added to that session (if possible) or to another session.

Purchase of the 4-Week Plan may be completed by credit card using the provided payment link, via Zelle or via Venmo using the information below. (If CC is chosen, a payment link will be emailed to the Client). 

Zelle: (Listed as BEYOND HUMAN LLC)
Venmo: @amboike626

Total Due: $529.00


Amanda Boike

Beyond Human LLC



Thanks for submitting!

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