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A space for adults who love dancing and learning choreography to move in a mess-up friendly, own-it friendly, and judgment-free space, while meeting other people in Chicago who share the same interest.

  • Who can participate in Assisted Stretching?
    - Anyone over age 16 who wants to improve their flexibility or enhance the way they recover! We've helped individuals reduce lower back pain due to hip tightness, maintain flexibility after completing physical therapy, and increase flexibility for their yoga practice. Fitness-enthusiasts, marathon runners and dancers have improved performance and enhanced recovery speed with regular stretching. Anyone with persistent pain or recent injury should seek the help of a physical therapist before receiving an assisted stretch. We can't wait to stretch with you!
  • How do I know which duration to choose for an Assisted Stretch?
    - If this is your first very first assisted stretch with us, we recommend a 45 or 60 minute session to allow time for assessment, and a total body stretch! 30 minute stretches are best for a targeted stretch focused on a few muscle groups in either upper or lower body. Longer sessions allow for stretching from head to toe, and ample time spent where you need it most.
  • Is there parking near the studio (Tribe Healing Arts)?
    - Yes! There is free street parking on Belmont Ave.
  • What COVID-19 precautions are you taking for Asssisted Stretch and Personal Training sessions?
    - Both the trainer and participants are required to wear a mask for all in-person sessions. Tribe Healing Arts maintains HEPA filters in all treatment rooms, detailed sanitization and disinfection of all equipment after each appointment. Amanda has also been fully vaccinated. If you are not feeling well on the day of your scheduled session, we kindly ask that you reschedule your appointment.
  • What is your cancelation policy?
    -We understand life happens. Please notify us as soon as possible if you need to reschedule your session. We'll always try to make scheduling as clear as possible, confirming appointments after booking and sending a friendly reminder the day before to confirm your session!

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Find out how Amanda can help you reach your movement goals.

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