Assisted Stretching

Whether you're a dedicated athlete, a busy entrepreneur, or an active, adventurous retiree, hands-on assisted stretching is a must-try!

Flexibility is the ability of a joint, or multiple joints, to move freely through a pain-free range of motion. While flexibility varies between individuals, it is important for each joint to obtain a minimum range of motion for total body health and well-being. Regular stretching counteracts the shortening of muscle tissue due to aging and lack of activity.

With hands-on assistance from a certified professional, you'll experience a safer, deeper stretch without the added effort. Our sessions also incorporate therapeutic percussive massage devices to reduce tension in your tightest muscles and increase blood flow.

Whether your goal is to recover smarter after your workouts, maintain mobility as you age, or to finally be able to touch your toes... it's never the wrong time to experience the benefits of an assisted stretch.  

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