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Hi! I’m Amanda Boike

[uh-MAN-duh BOI-kee]

A life-long lover of dance and performance, I leapt into the world of fitness ten years ago as a way of combining my passion for movement, coaching, and cultivating meaningful relationships in a high-energy environment. Today, I guide and educate people who want to move better, feel better, and enjoy the process along the way. 

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My Approach

I combine the movements you enjoy most with the movements proven to bring you closer to your goals. Whether you want to be more flexible, more toned, build a stronger core, or shed body fat (or all of the above), I'm here to help you build a strong body that'll carry you through all of life's adventures.

People describe me as

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To me, being "fit" is not an appearance, it's feeling that your body is capable of doing anything.

It's being strong and flexible so that everyday movements can be done with ease. It's being able to move quickly when you need to, and slow when you want to. It's the ability to balance on one leg, jump, and maybe even take some weight into your hands. The possibilities are endless, and with our dedicated practice, we can realize them together.

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Curious to learn more?

Find out how Amanda can help you reach your movement goals.

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