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Hi! I’m Amanda Boike

Since 2019, Amanda has helped busy professionals expand their movement abilities with a sustainable approach to fitness. She is a Personal Trainer and Flexibility Specialist certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and guides her clients toward building healthy movement patterns so they can thrive through the physical demands of daily life.  

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My Approach

During her career as a professional dancer, Amanda leaped into the world of group fitness, combining her passion for movement, coaching, and cultivating meaningful relationships in a growth-minded environment. As a trainer, she works one-on-one to teach people the most efficient and effective ways to realize their individual goals. From helping everyday athletes improve performance to assisting women in aging gracefully, she empowers her clients to enjoy life on their own terms. 

People describe me as

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To me, being "fit" is more than an appearance, it's feeling that your body is capable of doing anything.

It's being strong and flexible so that everyday movements can be done with ease. It's being able to move quickly when you need to, and slow when you want to. It's the ability to balance on one leg, jump, and maybe even take some weight into your hands. The possibilities are endless, and with our dedicated practice, we can realize them together.

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Curious to learn more?

Find out how Amanda can help you reach your movement goals.

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